Avoidance Behaviour (2015)

Film - Elyse Howe
Music - Alexander Hunter and Charles Martin


Transplanted here from cities immeasurably greater in expanse and urbanity, circumstance has exiled me in isolation. Regression and stagnation feel inevitable, endeavour replaced with idleness, replicated daily. I patrol the small spaces I now inhabit, documenting my lonely gaze. Circumventing invading thoughts of self-loathing and failure by narrowly scrutinising the ordinary. Cyclical and lethargic; my avoidance behaviour.

From the musicians
As the film deals with vistas under close scrutiny moving in and out of focus, so too does this collection of pre-recorded and live sounds focus on the small and subtle. Canberra presents situations where one’s attention is necessarily drawn to, and focused on, things which in a larger city might go under-noticed. The sounds used in this performance are a mixture of live and pre-recorded string and percussion, as well as field recordings from urban, suburban and natural environments in Canberra.